You Imagine - We Create! Unique Furniture & Built-ins found only in your house Imagined by you and created by us
You Imagine - We Create!Unique Furniture & Built-ins found only in your house Imagined by you and created by us

You Think it! -  We Create It!

Imagination at Work!

What happens when your Imagination continues to Imagine!

You get cabinets of your choice that are Uniquely Yours

You get Cabinets that fit wall to wall.

Oh Yes it will cast less than the cookie cutter design.

Look what happens!

Now everything flows together!

A year ago we created a Shaker kitchen using the same countertop and wall configuration but something was missing!

After imagining how removing a wall and adding a white Quartz countertop the results were breathtaking. Remember this is the same kitchen but with a little imagination look what happens!

Breathtaking Simplicity!
A total Look!
Tasteful Elegance!

Listen to what this client thinks of us:

Marianna, Greg and Family:
Dear Imagination Renovation and Crew, 
I am writing this letter to show our my appreciation for the excellent job that you have done for us on several projects. 
The laundry room came out beautifully and functions just as we expected. We love it. 
We then moved on to the kitchen. Initially we thought we would just replace the door faces to freshen up the kitchen a bit, however, as the project moved along we added more and more items to beautify the kitchen. The quartz countertop really made a huge difference in our new kitchen. It is as if we have a whole new house.
We just love every project you've done for us. 
Thank you George and crew for having done such a wonderful job, and being so attentive. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Making New look Old!

Imagine That, New Looking Old!
Adding more new to OLD!!!!
Awaken your Imagination - the entire look, Breakfast Nook, Wainscot Paneling, and Window Treatments

Don't take our word.  Here is what the client thinks:


Shirley T

Wow!! Where do I even start?? What a great crew to work with! We started the discussion with an idea for a kitchen table and the project just kept growing! Granite-top kitchen table (to match our future kitchen counters) was delivered, as promised, by Thanksgiving and it was gorgeous! So we continued with plans for the kitchen renovation, and it grew into painting in several rooms, wallpaper touch-up, dry wall and ceiling repair, refinishing corner cupboards, etc. We established a January date that we would get away for a vacation, hoping that these guys could perform their miracles while we were away, and out of their way. They were most accommodating to work within our scheduled dates. Their team was very trustworthy, neat and reliable; a dream team to entrust a job to while away. Upon our return, the pride in their workmanship was evident:; they were just as excited as we were to see the finished product. The custom cabinets are beautiful, complete with all the promised bells and whistles. Our kitchen granite is perfect; now our dining room table, china cupboards, etc., all match our kitchen. The work by Imagination Renovation has far exceeded our expectations. Professional, yet very personable, we imagined our dream kitchen, and Imagination Renovation made our dream come true!  


No particle board here all cabinets are Maple through and through!
Imagination is not Traditional -Oak and Glass with Sepele Countertop!
Imagine what you can do with a Small Condo Kitchen and Wainscot

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